ISO 9001


 EBB builds business policy on good relations with all stakeholders. Both customers and suppliers are our important business partners. Good and long-term cooperation with them ensures the success of our work. We have therefore chosen the following quality policy objective:


  • we guarantee and improve the level of quality of our supply, which is competitive with global producers in the field of SPD,
  • our business policy is focused on the sale and supply of surge protection products in internal and external systems, which we achieve by carefully analyzing the market in cooperation with important customers and selecting the most appropriate suppliers and other business partners,
  • maintain an advantage over competition with thorough market knowledge, specialisation and expertise in the field of protective engineering.
  • the quality of our offer is adapted to international standards and special customer requirements. It’s the same or greater than they’re prescribed. The most important thing is the customer demands. Meeting them means greater competitiveness. We sell products that result from long-term development and experience, as well as precise manufacturing, verification and effective action in the event of derogations,
  • openness of management and innovation, the establishment of an environment that promotes innovation in material and energy-saving products and systematically promotes this among employees,
  • We achieve the company’s competitiveness by adapting quickly and responding to customer preferences, regardless of the quantity and value of the transaction, and our advantage is primarily in ensuring a competitive price and specific requirements,
  • participants in the business process are familiar with all customer requirements, have the necessary knowledge and experience in their work,
  • we regularly monitor quality and quality costs and make appropriate improvements based on risk assessment,
  • we pay great attention to functional knowledge and quality. Objectives in this area are an integral part of the business plan and we identify the realisation and results in management reviews.
  • We are committed to continuously improving our work in accordance with quality policy and quality management system, thus creating added value for our customers and achieving a competitive advantage. The basis for this is a management review and conclusions based on audits, complaint reviews, customer satisfaction and other activities of the company.

Logatec, 28.12.2021




Borut Oblak

Cert-SIQ Cert-IQnet