PZ-B 275/60 R (Remote Control)

Over voltage arrester Group B+C, class I+II, Typ 1+2

The SPD type PZ-B 275/60 is a lightning current and surge arrester according
to DIN VDE 0675 Part 6-11, comply with IEC 61643-1, IEN 61643-11 as well. EBB group B+C over
voltage arrester is developed for protection low voltage consumer system
from partial direct and indirect lightning atmospheric discharges. Provide for
indoor application at protection zone 0A-1 per IEC 62305. The protection is
made on the main distribution boards, as first level of protection.
• Test standards; IEC61643-1: 2005 second edition
EN 61643-11:2002 + A11:2007
• High discharge capacity
• High degree of protection
• Each unit included two high performance varistor’s block
• High reability due to Thermo Dynamic Control
• Operation state of fault indication in the inspection window – each
varistor’s block separately
• Status indication: – mechanical flag (green, red)
- (R) remote signalling
• Modular housing
• Mounting on DIN rail
• Connection up to 35mm2
• Varistor is protective element
• High quality
• Excellence price level

Type: PZ-B 275/60 R

EBB code: B206010R
Uc= 275V ac, 350V dc
IEC 61643-1, IEC 61643-11

PZ-B 275_60 R