PZ-C 275/160 3P+NPE

Over voltage arrester Group C, class II, Typ 2, multi-pole units (TT-system)

The SPD type PZ-C is a lightning current and surge arrester Type 2(class II)
according to DIN VDE 0675 Part 6-11, complies with IEC 61643-1, IEC 61643-11 as well.
EBB group C over voltage arrester is developed for protection low voltage
consumer system from transient over voltage due to indirect lightning
atmospheric discharges and switching actions. Provide for indoor application
at protection zone 1-2 per IEC 62305. The protection is made on the branch
sub-distribution boards, as second level of protection.
• High discharge capacity due to powerful ZnO varistor
• High degree of protection
• High reability due to Thermo Dynamic Control
• Operation state of fault indication in the inspection window – each
varistor block separately
• Status indication: – mechanical flag (green, red)
- (R) remote signalling
- (A) acoustic signalling
• Modular housing
• Mounting on DIN rail
• Connection up to 35mm2
• Varistor is protective element
• High quality
• Excellence price level

Type: PZ-C 275/160 3P+NPE

EBB code: C216031
Uc= 275V ac, 350V dc
IEC 61643-1, IEC 61643-11

pz-c 275-160 3p+npe